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To view a complete list of upcoming meeting please see:

Interested in sponsoring a Broadband Forum meeting?

For Non members:

The Forum holds 4 to 5 members-only events in Asia, Europe and North America
The four quarterly meetings address these areas over a four-day period:

  • The industry's key topics of the day with guest plenary speakers
  • Innovation track "Birds of a Feather" sessions with open discussions on topics such as 5G, Cloud Co, Open-sourcing, migration, etc.
  • Detailed Technical Committees work areas sessions in parallel tracks (3-4 days) that bring together all of the conference call and submitted contributions over the last quarter
  • Various closed meetings of the Service Provider Action council, Software Advisory Groups, etc.
  • Many networking opportunities throughout the week

At each of these meetings we warmly welcome invited guests interested in specific topic areas or just to see if the BBF can provided a contribution to their business.

If you are interested being a guest an upcoming meeting please contact us by emailing 

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