Broadband Forum Colleagues,

The Second Quarter Meeting of 2022 will be held virtually, over five days, Monday, June 13th thru Friday, June 17th, 2022.  As a continued courtesy during these unprecedented times we are waiving the Meeting Fee for the Q2 2022 virtual meeting.

We are looking forward to progressing our valuable work that drives, educates and enables the broadband community and world. As we move into 2022 we expect to see increased dependencies on home and business broadband, which validates that our work is more important than ever! 

Please Watch this page as more details will come!  (Click the Watch button at the top right of this page to receive update notifications.)  If you should have any specific questions or suggestions, please email

Virtual meeting sessions will begin at 6am PDT / 9am EDT / 3pm CEST / 9pm CST.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we are aware that no one time zone will work for everyone.

Thank you to our Q2 Meeting Sponsor!


  • Registration Opening: Early MAY
  • Early Bird Registration: Monday, June 6, 2022
  • Contribution Submissions: Monday, June 6, 2022 @ 5pm Pacific Time
  • Detailed Agenda: Wednesday, June 8th (end of business)
  • “OnSite” Registration: Tuesday, June 15, 2022

See our FAQs Wiki page for details of how to create and or upload contributions (login required).

Table of Contents:

Schedule of Sessions

  • The virtual meeting sessions are scheduled to begin at: 6am PDT / 9am EDT / 3pm CEST / 9pm CST
  • Please familiarize yourself with the Zoom Participation Guidelines

  • Work Areas will be meeting in parallel (like a normal face to face meeting)

  • To add this meeting to your calendar: 2022 Q2 Meeting.ics

  • Monday, June 13

    • 06:00 - 07:00 Welcome Speech & Opening Plenary 

    • 07:00 - 07:10 Comfort Break

    • 07:10 - 08:10 Work Area Sessions

    • 08:10 - 08:30 Comfort Break
    • 08:30 - 10:00 Work Area Sessions
  • Tuesday, June 14

    • 06:00 - 07:50 Work Area Sessions

    • 07:50 -  08:10 Comfort Break

    • 08:10 - 10:00 Work Area Sessions

  • Wednesday, June 15

    • 06:00 - 07:50 Work Area Sessions

    • 07:50 -  08:10 Comfort Break

    • 08:10 - 10:00 Work Area Sessions

  • Thursday, June 16

    • 06:00 - 07:50 Work Area Sessions

    • 07:50 -  08:10 Comfort Break

    • 08:10 - 10:00 Work Area Sessions

  • Friday, June 17

    • 06:00 - 08:00 Work Area Sessions

    • 08:00 - 09:00 Social Event

    • 09:00 - 10:00 Closing Plenary

*Please note agenda is subject to change

To view the details of each daily session please see the Detailed Agenda.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Broadband Forum offers the opportunity for companies to sponsor our quarterly meetings. This is a branding opportunity to highlight your company to our meeting attendees and the Broadband industry.

The Broadband Forum is comprised of Service Providers, Vendors and Influencers of all sizes, from all around the world.

For a list of benefits given to meeting sponsors, click here.

For more information on other sponsorship opportunities, including BASe, webinars, studies, and white papers, click here.

Of course, you can always contact us via email at



How to participate

  1. Register for the meeting, (once registration is open) the link is below (Please note that you'll need to Login or Signup to view/access the meeting registration link.)
  2. Download/setup zoom on your preferred device
  3. Please update your Zoom software to the latest version and keep it current as new versions are released.
    1. Please do Test Zoom (using this open meeting, login is required)
  4. To join the Broadband Forum Slack Workspace for real time informal chat and individual voice/video call between participants please email a request to (This is NOT a mandatory tool it's optional as we understand some companies are not able to access it.)
  5. How to find session information: The detailed agenda provides the most information per session and per Work Area.  Once it's populated the permissions will change so that everyone has access.
  6. Please review how to participate in the meeting and practice good meeting etiquette
  7. Register for the sessions you are interested in ahead of time (or create a free Zoom account) to make joining the sessions quicker/easier. Please DO NOT link your Zoom account to another service, such as Facebook or Google, if you choose to create an account.

NOTE: You do not need to register for each meeting session ahead of time. All Zoom links will allow you to join right away; some may ask you to enter your name and email address first. This is just an option to enter your information ahead of time, making things more efficient. All links will still work to join at the meeting time, even if you haven’t register ahead of time.

Broadband Forum Meeting Registration

Meeting Registration is now closed.  If you register late, please email so that we know send you the meeting access information.

  Please Log in or Sign up  to view and access the meeting registration link. 

The value of our quarterly meetings is known by all but as a continued courtesy during these unprecedented times we are waiving the Meeting Fee for this virtual meeting.  Please note the Forum will continually evaluate the most prudent way to host our future quarterly meetings and assess appropriate meeting fees.

As we have seen in previous virtual meetings, this makes it an ideal opportunity for a wider level of participation, within current member and observer companies as well as prospects.  If you would like to invite a colleague from within your company or a prospective company please feel free to share this meeting page and introduce them to Rhonda Heier, Director of Membership Development at  

Log in or Sign up  to view and access the meeting registration link. 

NOTE: When registering for any Broadband Forum meeting, our system will ask for your full name, company, and email address.  For details on how this information is used and stored, please see our Privacy Policy.

First time attendees please out to for more information.

Who Can Participate?

All Principal, Regional Operator, and Associate Members are welcome to contribute and attend the virtual meeting.  Broadband Forum Observers are welcome to attend all sessions.  Auditing Members are welcome to attend the general session (e.g. Plenary, Keynote, BoF, Social, etc.)

First time attendees please out to for more information.

Not already a Member or Observer?

If you would like to observe this meeting to learn more about becoming involved in the Broadband Forum or if you are an Auditing Member that would like to investigate the benefits of Principal Membership, please contact Rhonda Heier, Director of Membership Development, at

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