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At the beginning of every in-person meeting and teleconference that occurs as a part of the technical process, and at any other appropriate time in the course of electronic collaboration as may be provided for under the Rules of Procedure, the following patent call shall be read: 

"Please be aware that this meeting is being held under the Intellectual Property Rights Policy adopted by the Forum.

At this time, I would ask that anyone in attendance inform me if they are aware of any claims under any patent applications or issued patents that have not been declared previously and would be likely to be infringed by an implementation of the Specification which is the subject of this meeting. You need not be the inventor under such patent or patent application, nor will you be held responsible for expressing a belief that turns out to be inaccurate.

Disclosure of Necessary Claims a Member is not willing to License is required under the IPR Policy, together with a reference to the related portion(s) of the Specification. A Member may, but is not required to, disclose the same information relating to Necessary Claims it is willing to License, and also whether it will or will not require payment of a royalty or other fee in connection with such License. In all cases, the disclosure must be made using Appendix A to the IPR Policy.”

This statement was updated per the IPR policy effective June 24, 2016.

Add this IPR Notice to your meeting agenda:

  1. In Edit mode in your meeting agenda, add the ‘Multiexcerpt include’ Macro
    1. Type { , then search for "Multiexcerpt include"
    2. OR click the + button in the menu at the top of the page and search for "Multiexcerpt include". 
  2. Once you have added the macro, click on it to Edit. 
    1. In the field for "Page with Excerpt * ", type "BBF IPR Notice". (Not "Policy"!)
    2. In the field for "MultiExcerpt Name", type "BBF IPR Notice". 
    3. Save the macro settings. 
  3. Update your meeting agenda page. 

Email for help. 

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