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Where should I start?

  1. Familiarize yourself with how the BBF Work Areas (WAs) progress work - each WA operates differently, but they all use the Wiki and Jira. 
  2. Read through the Help and Getting Started Wiki page.
  3. Consider bookmarking the tools so you can access them easily: 
    1. The Wiki: 
    2. Jira: 
    3. Bitubucket:

Share this link with anyone who wants to sign up for a new account (BBF members only):

When should I search in Jira, and when should I search in the Wiki?

Short Answer: The Wiki is for administration – meetings, agendas, project descriptions, etc. Jira is for progressing BBF projects – contributions, draft Working Texts (WTs), etc.

  • If you are trying to find current contributions for a project, search in Jira.
  • If you are trying to find information about a project, browse current work, find meeting information, join or leave a group, or learn more about the BBF’s organization, search in the Wiki.

Note: Some Work Areas (WAs) are using other tools to progress their work, and there are exceptions; for example, some Study Documents (SDs) may be progressed in the Wiki.

How do I search in the Wiki?

Short Answer: Don’t hit “Enter” -  let the drop-down menu populate! Before you type anything, it will populate recently visited pages.

Before you hit “Enter” in the search bar, you’re searching for the names or titles of pages. For example, WT-181 has a Wiki page, so if you type "WT-181" into the Wiki search bar, it will show up in the drop-down, because it says “WT-181” in the title of the page. WT-399 does not have a Wiki page, so it won’t show up in the drop-down.

After you hit “Enter”, your search results will be from all the different spaces across all of the Wiki. (On the top left menu bar, click "Spaces" → "Space Directory" to see all BBF Spaces across the Wiki.) For most of BBF’s work, you want to be in the BBF Wiki “Space”.

How do I search in Jira?

Two Short Answers: 1. Use the CONTRIB project to find most BBF projects and contributions. 2. Use the “More” → “BBF Project” menu filters to find the project you are looking for.

The “Contributions” project (CONTRIB) is the main project that most Work Areas (WAs) use to progress Jira projects.

  1. Type “contrib” into the search bar. This brings you to a more detailed search page that you will need to find what you’re looking for. 
  2. A good way to use this search box is: 
    1. If you know the number of your contribution, e.g., CONTRIB-18545.
    2. If you know a keyword, e.g., “ICTP”.
 More tips
  • Save the filters that you will use all the time! When you have your filter, click the “Save As” button at the top left of JIira
  • Know the distinctions between a “BBF Project” and a "Jira Project". A "BBF Project" is a BBF approved body of work that may result in a published Technical Report, Internal Report, or other deliverable, such as TR-369. A “Jira Project” is a section of BBF's contribution and draft database, such as CONTRIB or LIAISE.
  • See the Using Jira to Manage Contributions Wiki page for more help.

How do I find a Working Text (WT) or other draft in Jira?

The “Contributions” project (CONTRIB) is where most Work Areas (WAs) will keep their document drafts. To find one, use these steps:

  1. Log in to Jira:
  2. Type “contrib” into the search bar at the top right. (This places your search within the CONTRIB project, and adds filter options that you will need.)
  3. At the top, click the “More” filter, then select “BBF Projects”. (This will pop up a new filter for "BBF Projects:All".) 
  4. In the new "BBF Projects: All" filter, search for the document number you are looking for, e.g., "WT-421". This will return all drafts _and_ contributions for WT-421. 
  5. To see only the drafts, use the "Type" filter to select "Draft". 

    Tip: If you will be looking for this draft regularly, SAVE the filter that you just created: click the “Save As” button at the top left of Jira. The filter will show up on the left-side menu bar under "Favorite Filters". 

    Please note! A “BBF Project” (WT-181) is not the same thing as “Jira Project” (CONTRIB).How do I find a WT or other draft in Jira?

How do I find contributions by Working Text (WT)? 

Short Answer: Use the “More” → “BBF Project” menu filters to find the project you are looking for.

  1. Contributions are only in Jira, so you must to search/filter in Jira. 
  2. Type “contrib” into the search bar. Most BBF deliverables, i.e., Working Texts (WTs) are progressed in the CONTRIB project.
  3. Click the “More” drop-down menu and select “BBF Projects”.
  4. Type in the number of the project you are looking for, i.e., “WT-181”. Type the full project number - typing only “181” will not work.
  5. Use other filters as needed – try these:
    • BBF Work Area
    • BBF Project Stream
    • Created Date
    • Updated Date

How do I submit an NPIF (New Project Information Form)? 

  1. Go to the Wiki:
  2. Navigate to the Work Area NPIF page that should be the parent of your new NPIF. 
    1. For example: If you want to submit an NPIF to the Access and Transport Architecture (ATA) Work Area, you would use this page: ATA NPIFs
  3. Click the green "..." button at the top of the page (to the right of the "Create" button)
  4. Select "BBF New Project Initiation Form (NPIF) and ..."
  5. Click "Create"
  6. Review the instructions, add a Page title in the format "NPIF - [Work Area]: [Title]", and fill out the sections under "Project Summary"
    Note: To hide your page so that you can edit it without anyone reviewing partially completed content, click the tiny lock icon at the top of the page, click the drop-down menu, select "Viewing and editing restricted", and click "Apply". 
  7. Review More About Broadband Forum NPIFs

How do I submit a contribution? 

  1. Go to Jira:
  2. Click the blue "Create" button at the top of the page
  3. Make the following selections and fill out these fields:
    1. Project: Contributions (CONTRIB)
    2. Issue Type: General Contribution
    3. Summary: 
    4. BBF Project:
    5. BBF Project Stream:
    6. BBF Work Area:
    7. Description:
  4. Click "Create" at the bottom
  5. A new window will pop up in the top right corner with a link to your new issue. Click it to access your new issue, or reload the page and it should appear at the top of the list. If you don't see it, use the filters to search. 
  6. Click the gray "Attach Files" button in the row of options at the top to attach files. 

How do I find a list of all WTs? 

Short Answer: Search in Jira. Use the “More” -> “BBF Project” menu filters to find a full list of all BBF Projects.

See more details about all current projects on the BBF Work in Progress - Projects, Project Streams, and Jira Links Wiki page. (There is a link at the top of every page!) Please help us keep this page updated by adding content yourself or asking BBF Staff to help make updates. Email Thank you!

All published BBF documents are available on the public website here: https://

How do I download files for multiple Jira issues? 

  1. Find the selection of issues that you want to download in Jira.
    1. Type “contrib” into the search bar.
    2. Click the “More” drop-down menu and select “BBF Projects”. 
    3. Type in the number of the project you are looking for, i.e., “WT-181”.
    4. Use other filters as needed – try these: BBF Work Area, BBF Project Stream, Created Date, Updated Date. 
  2. Click the “Export” menu at the top right, and select “Attachments” to download all attachments for all the issues. 

Note: In each individual issue, there is a drop-down menu at the top right of the Attachments box that includes an option to download all the attachments for a single issue.

How do I stop getting so many emails from the tools?

  1. Uncheck the "Watch all content in this space" check box to reduce the amount of email you will receive from the Wiki.

    Tip: If you want to receive notifications for a certain Wiki page, click the "Watch" button at the top right.
  2. Leave the "contrib-watchers" group on the Join or Leave BBF Groups and Email Lists Wiki page. Members of the contrib-watchers Atlassian group will automatically receive an email when a new Jira CONTRIB or LIAISE contribution is created. More details: Jira Contribution Notifications
    Tip: If you want to receive notifications for a certain Jira issue, click "Start watching this issue" on the right side.
  3. Contact for more help.

I'm attending my first BBF meeting - what should I know?

  1. Information about all meetings, including face-to-face quarterly meetings and teleconferences is here: BBF Meetings
    1. Teleconferences: Teleconference Meetings (This includes schedules and calendar appointments only - Work Area Directions maintain agendas on their Work Area Wiki pages. 
    2. Quarterly meetings: Go to BBF Meetings and navigate to the quarterly meeting you want to attend in the Page Tree on the left side bar. The location, full detailed agenda, links to contributions, plenary information, and special sessions will be listed here. 
  2. Contributions into the meeting are due the week before!
  3. Contact with specific questions. 

What should I know about BBF liaisons?

  1. BBF communications received from and sent to other organizations are described as liaisons. 
  2. Liaison drafts are maintained in their own Jira Project: Liaisons (LIAISE)
  3. See also:
    1. OD-217: Liaison Template
    2. BBF Liaison Tracker
    3. Public website:


Other questions? Email

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