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contrib-watchers group

Members of the contrib-watchers Atlassian group will automatically receive an email when a new Jira CONTRIB or LIAISE contribution is created. For CONTRIB contributions (but not for LIAISE contributions) they will also be automatically be added as watchers. Please contact one of the people listed below if you would like to join or leave this group, or if you feel that you are receiving too few or too many such notifications.

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  1. Why is this a managed group? We should be able to subscribe/unsubscribe at anytime. Same comment for Liaisons.

    1. Because Atlassian groups are managed (we don't have control over this). We have installed a 'delegated group management' add-on, which is what allows multiple people (the people listed above) to be able to manage membership. And we are getting a new feature developed that will allow people to self-manage their memberships of designated 'open' groups.

    2. You can now join / leave the contrib-watchers group at the Join or Leave BBF Groups and Email Lists page. April Nowicki perhaps we should update this page to indicate this?

      1. More than a month later, but I did not forget about this! I updated the Join/Leave page with this message: * Members of the contrib-watchers Atlassian group will automatically receive an email when a new JIRA CONTRIB or LIAISE contribution is created. More details: JIRA Contribution Notifications

        Let me know if we think other updates should be made, and thank you for clarifying this!

  2. William Lupton, will it be possible to extend the "coverage" of the contrib-watchers group so that the members automatically receive an email when a new JIRA WIFIPERF (WT-398) contribution is created?

    1. Yes, it would be easy (but why do this only for WT-398?). Lincoln Lavoie and Tony Zeng would you like me to make this change (or work with you directly to make this change)?

  3. William Lupton, because this is the only PHYtx WT created as a separate JIRA project, all other WTs are within JIRA CONTRIB. 

    1. OK (BTW I'm think about other WAs too). I think Lincoln Lavoie is working on this. Once the change has been made, April Nowicki the description of contrib-watchers on the Join/Leave page (and maybe elsewhere, e.g. the group description in Crowd) will need to be updated.

      1. I changed the setup of the WT-398 project to use the "Contributions Notification Scheme".

        1. Just to confirm, Lincoln also did the "watchers" thing, so contrib-watchers membership now impacts CONTRIB, LIAISE and WT-398. LIAISE is slightly different because it doesn't (at Michael Fargano's request) add the group members as watchers, so they only get emails on LIAISE creation and have to add themselves as watchers to LIAISE issues of interest.