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Project Stream Overview

Project Stream Leads: Ken Ko , ADTRAN; Gregory Mirsky , ZTE


To define how test traffic is specified and generated at the application layer. It supports specification of test traffic that exhibits the complexity resulting from multiple types of applications and subscribers aggregated in a common network.

This project will extend Broadband Forum’s OAM framework with architectural and nodal requirements to enable Customer Equipment to IP Edge service assurance of broadband subscribers, both for business and residential connections.

This project will study a comprehensive overview of Quality Attenuation and its applicability to broadband networks. It will cover the theory, measurement technique, use-cases and benefits of the approach.

Business Impact

This work accelerates industry adoption of new routing and transport technology and deployment of new services and infrastructure in mobile networks. The work includes the introduction of and migration to SDN and virtualization of the mobile transport network infrastructure where commercially viable.


Control, management and data plane for the IP layer down to the physical layers, including time and synchronization, OAM, routing, resiliency, scalability, security, virtualization of the mobile transport infrastructure, and enablement of software driven networking. 


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