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Delivering key telecommunications technologies since 1950, Altice Labs has been shaping the future of technology, enabling Communications Service Providers and Enterprises to offer advanced and differentiated services to their customers and users in the TELCO and IT markets.

Its exploratory innovation activities revolve around strategic themes, namely: AI & ML, Cloud technologies (computing and network), Smart Living, IoT, Big Data, Security & Privacy, Digital Services & Platforms, 5G, and Networks of the Future including the optical evolution framework. The exploration associated with these R&D areas allows Altice Labs to transform knowledge into technological innovation to create differentiation and value in the market.

Learn more about our Q2 Sponsor PICadvanced: 


PICadvanced aims, through its full stack innovation, to provide innovative solutions for the PON market starting with NG-PON2 transceivers - including innovation in the optics, electronics and in the blending of the two - while maintaining a compromise with quality, high performance and all members of PICadvanced’s ecosystem, including its employees, clients and suppliers.

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