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The Broadband Forum thrives on collaboration and education.  Our face-to-face meetings, industry, and educational events provide essential networking and peer interaction with unrivaled opportunities to learn and gain insight and direction.

Staying at the forefront of industry standards is paramount for companies to maintain competitiveness and innovation. Active Membership participation in The Broadband Forum is critical, as it is a leading, global Member-driven organization in which contributions shape the future of broadband technologies and drive standardization efforts that influence the global telecommunications ecosystem.

Attending Broadband Forum standards meetings in person offers the benefits of facilitating direct engagement with industry leaders, fostering collaboration, and ensuring active participation shapes the standards that underpin the next generation of broadband services. It is strategically important to attend these meetings in person. 

Learn more: Member Meeting attendance business case.pdf

Spring Meeting: March 10 - 13, 2025

Location: Asia

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Annual and Summer Meeting: June 23 - 26, 2025

Location: Europe

Fall Meeting: November


17 - 20, 2025

Location: Americas

Information about our past meetings can be found at: Past Meetings

To view a complete list of upcoming meetings, please see:

Interested in sponsoring a Broadband Forum meeting?

The Broadband Forum holds three (3) meetings in Asia, Europe and North America each year.

The member meetings address these areas over a four-day week:

  • The industry's key topics of the day with guest plenary/panel speakers
  • The Town Hall Innovation Series host strategic themed discussions for each face-to-face meeting that:

        Align with BBF strategic vision
        Highlight industry trends
        Directly impacts or influences future BBF work

  • Innovation track "Birds of a Feather" or "Keynote" sessions with open discussions on topics such as 5G, USP, CloudCO, open sourcing, migration, etc.
  • Detailed Technical Committee Work Area (WA) sessions in parallel tracks that bring together all of the conference calls and contributions submitted over the last quarter
  • A meeting of the Service Provider Action council, and other ancillary groups such as Software Advisory Group, etc.
  • Networking opportunities throughout the week

At each of these meetings, we warmly welcome invited guests to evaluate how Broadband Forum can provide a contribution to their business.

If you are interested being a guest at an upcoming meeting, please contact us by emailing