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We use other legacy and external systems to store member company and user information, manage teleconferences and webinars, handle meeting registrations and payment, manage interactions with non-members individuals and companies who have expressed interest in our work, and send emails on our behalf.


  • ARO (Association Resources Online) for member company and user information
  • for processing credit card transactions
  • Capsule for customer relationship management
  • Constant Contact for managing email communication
  • Eventbrite for event management
  • Hamilton Group for face-to-face meeting planning
  • SendGrid for sending emails to membersusers
  • SurveyMonkey for conducting surveys
  • Zoom for teleconferencing

In all these systems, users are identified by full name and/or email address (usually corporate email address, but personal email addresses are used if requested).

The following member company and user information is stored:

  • Company: name, URL, address, phone number, signed bylaws, records of membership dues payments, logos, and general notes regarding contacts and correspondence with those contacts
  • User: title, first, middle, and last name, email address, company, address, phone numbers, division, manager, contributions submitted, past meeting attendance

Non-member email addresses are always Email addresses may be provided directly and voluntarily by individual users individuals who have supplied business cards or signed up for webinars in the expectation that we will store their details. We keep track of the provenance of this information, and we never purchase contact lists from third parties.


As already discussed, we may receive and use credit card details, but we will never store them. Also, we may receive and use passport details, but we will only store them at the explicit request of the owner.

How is the data shared?

BBF members (and authorized non-members) who are Authorized users of our software tools and email lists can view the following personal information:


On your request, or if you cease to work for a BBF member companychange employer, or if your employer ceases to be a BBF member's relationship with BBF lapses, we will disable your access to all tools and remove you from all BBF email lists.

All messages sent to BBF member and non-member email lists include information on how to unsubscribe from the list. Requests to unsubscribe from email lists are always dealt with in a timely manner, but note that we will not normally be able to refuse to unsubscribe you from the “memgen” (all members) list or from lists that are associated with your role(s) within the BBF.