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April Nowicki

William Lupton

Donald Eastlake

Ching-Yuan Lee

Fengwei Qin

Duane Remein

Hugh Singleton

Xueyan Song

Barbara Stark

Shailesh Suman

Helge Tiainen

Igor Ternovsky

Hans van der Veen

Questions and answers from this session:

  • How to find the current draft for WT-338?
    • Search in Jira:
      • Click "More" and select the "BBF Project" filter.
      • A new filter will pop up with a search box and a list of BBF Projects - start typing "WT-338" and select the check box next to it. 
      • Then, click the filter for "Type" and choose the check box for "Draft". 

        titleSee screenshots

        Step 1:

        Step 2:

        Step 3:

  • How to find all open Straw Ballot comments? 
    • Search in Jira using the "Type" filter. 

      titleSee screenshot

  • Is there a way to see previous versions of a Wiki page?
    • Yes! Click the ellipsis menu button at the top right of any Wiki page, then "Page History". You can also revert to a previous version of your page.  

Agenda and minutes:

Thank you to everyone for attending! Please reach out to April any time at, or email our tools team at

Date and time:

Monday, 17 June 2019

07:30 - 08:30 


Millennium Seoul Hilton Hotel

50 Sowol-ro, Jung-GU

Seoul, 04367 South Korea

Meeting Room: Rialto