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The Broadband Forum (BBF) Wiki is a collaboration tool created by Atlassian and works in tandem with other Atlassian software, including Jira and Bitbucket. This set of tools was adopted by the BBF in 2017 and is still undergoing transition. Please don't hesitate to contact BBF staff at for support and guidance. 


Need help?

Send an email to and mark it "Urgent"


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Getting Started on the Wiki

TopicsTips and Guidance

What is Confluence (we call it "the Wiki")?

Space Structure

Most Work Area administrative information (i.e., meeting schedules, minutes, NPIFs) is found in this main "BBF Wiki" space.

Additional open and closed space are access via the Spaces Menu:

Navigation, Search


Notifications and sharing

Menu Bar Items

  • People - find users
  • Questions, Calendars - More on these later (much later)
  • Create If visible allows you to create pages of various types (click the ... to see the types)  More about Creating Pages on a separate page.
  • (question) access to the confluence documentation and community searches
  • Avatar and drop down has a whole bunch of stuff related to your participation: profile, settings, activities, logout, etc. check them out

Page Tools

What's covered

  • Breadcrumbs = breadcrumbs!
  • The Padlock shows page restrictions - open when none
  • the paper clip shows attached files
  • Edit where present allows this page to be edite
  • Save for later, watching, talk - see the confluence documentation for now
  • Share is very useful. It allows you to share a page with users with some intro words. User groups - e.g. a-m sends an email to that group. please don't share with the confluence-users group.
  • The drop down for the " ... " at the right hand end of the page: Pretty self evident.

Sidebar navigation

The site can also be navigated from the expandable left hand navigation - this works best on a large screen rather than mobile devices and low res laptops and can be the fastest way to jump around pages in the neighborhood. To show reveal or collapse the space navigation sidebar, drag as shown below or just hit the "[" key on they keyboard.

Finding the projects in process?

Watch Videos

The wiki training webinars  are posted on the wiki and follow the format below. (10/16)

Accessing and using JIRA and Bitbucket
Links to other tools, etc

Creating and editing pages

Understanding some common macros being used in the projects

Simple editing, page structure, tables, sections, labels, 

What's the preferred way to start a new project?
  • Navigate to the Work Area and or project Stream of your choice
  • Just create a new page using the Project Initiation and Summary Template and off you go - replaces the NPIF form
  • All project summaries on the wiki are automatically listed on Project Summaries page

What is the preferred way to begin working on a project such as a "working text" after the project has started?
  • Navigate to the Work Area and or project Stream of your choice
  • Just create a new page using the BBF Working Text/Page Template and off you go

What's the best way to set agendas and take minutes?
  • Navigate to the Work Area and or project Stream of your choice
  • Just create a new page using the BBF Meeting Agenda/Minutes Template and off you go.
    • Those who prefer other approaches should identify tasks, and labels to create task summaries used in the template in BUS minutes pages
  • Meetings are automatically listed on the meeting notes page

How should I communicate the work by writing papers, briefings, and other marketing deliverables, etc.?
  • Navigate to the Work Area and or Project Stream of your choice
  • Just create a new page using the BBF Marketing Deliverables Template and off you go.

Available from any Wiki page in this space:

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