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To initiate a new BBF project, please copy this page, name it "NPIF - [Work Area]: [Title]", and save under the related Work Area NPIF Wiki page. (See example: NPIF: WT-398 Wi-Fi In-Premises Performance Testing)

Project status:

  • New Project Initiation Form (NPIF) completed
  • Project approved by Work Area
  • Document number assigned
  • Project added to Work Area Wiki page
  • Straw Ballot
  • Final Ballot
  • Project complete

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This contribution has been prepared to assist the Broadband Forum. It is offered to the Forum as a basis for discussion and is not a binding proposal on the author(s), parent companies or any other company. The information is provided "as is" with no warrantees of any kind. Information presented in this document is subject to change after further study. The author reserves the right to add, amend or withdraw any and all statements made herein.

This page is only available to BBF Member companies - dissemination outside of the BBF is strictly limited. See Policies and Procedures Section 10 for more information on BBF document availability.

Recipients of this document are requested to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent claims or other intellectual property rights of which they may be aware that might be infringed by any implementation of the Specification set forth in this document, and to provide supporting documentation.


All materials submitted for possible incorporation into Broadband Forum specifications or other work product shall be regarded as confidential until such time as the specification or other work product in question is publicly released.  In the event that any material, or portion of any material, is not included in the specification or other work product in question, or if such specification or other work product is never publicly released, such material shall remain confidential until such time, if ever, as the submitter makes the same publicly available, or it otherwise becomes publicly disclosed other than by a breach of a Member’s obligations under this Confidentiality Policy. Member representatives shall have access to confidential materials in such manner as may from time to time be provided in Broadband Forum’s procedural rules, and shall not copy or further distribute such materials, except internally, to the extent necessary to exercise their participation rights as Members.

Project Summary

Project Title:

Test Project - Tools Training 6/17/2019

Work Area and Project Stream:

If none, use "Non-PS Assigned", or propose a new PS.

Relates to:
  • New Project
  • New Issue
  • New Amendment
  • Relates to other BBF Projects TR-XXX

Describe the rationale of the project and the problems/issues it aims to resolve. Provide a scope for this project. Indicate if the project is to be implemented in phases and the scope of each phase. The scope shall be specific and detailed.

Market need and issues addressed:

Describe issues being addressed, opportunities, business needs.

Describe the rationale of the project and the problems/issues it aims to resolve. Explain its impact/scale/industry window of opportunity and the level of urgency. Indicate the possible size of the opportunity in terms of demographics.

Delete any that do not apply:

  • New Revenue,  New Services, New Applications, Infrastructure, Faster Time to Revenue, Scalability
  • Other (specify): ________________________________________
  • Savings (if applicable): OpEx, CapEx, Non-Recurring Costs
Audience for the work:

Delete any that do not apply:

  • Industry: Service Provider/Network Operator, Equipment Manufacturer, Component Manufacturer, Software company, Test company, System Integrator
  • Role: Marketing/BusDev, Developer, Architect, Network Operations, IT
  • National/International institutions: Governments, Regulators, SDOs
  • Media: Analysts, Press

Delete any that do not apply:

  • Technical Report, Implementation Agreement, Architecture, Data Model, API
  • Test Plan, Liaison
  • Best Practices Paper, Positioning Paper
  • Study Document
  • Software: UML Information Models, CWMP Data Models
    • USP Data Models, YANG Data Models, APIs, Reference Implementations
    • Sample Implementations, Libraries, Software Tools, Test Plans,
    • Other (specify): ____________________________

  • Abstract test plan, test specification, Liaison/external contribution
  • Deliverables: Best Practices Paper, Positioning Paper, Webinar, public site page, presentation, video, etc
  • Other (specify): ____________________________
  • Availability and publishing:
    • Public - BBF Website
    • Public - Github
    • Public - Confluence
    • BBF Members - Confluence
    • BBF Members - Bitbucket
    • Other (specify): _____________________________
Intended use of the project work:

Describe the actions the readers/users are expected to take as a result of the project deliverable(s).

Related industry work:

Related project dependencies from and proposed interactions with other SDOs/industry forums and if the work is a pre-requisite to, a co‑requisite of, overlapping with, dependent on or competitive with this project. Indicate proposed interactions with, or dependencies on, other SDOs.

Other Considerations:IPR considerations, other.
Links to work pages:

Project supporters/sponsors (minimum of 3 required companies required prior to ballot):





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