The next Town Hall Innovation Series will take place on Monday, June 17 during the 2024 Summer Meeting 

The Town Hall Innovation Series host Strategic themed discussions for each face-to-face meeting that:

  • Align with BBF strategic vision

  • Highlight industry trends

  • Directly impacts or influences future BBF work

Our topic for this session will be Smart Home and IoT

Building on the success of its acclaimed Spring 2024 meeting that opened with theme of AI and the network operation, the Broadband Forum announces its call for speakers for the Summer 2024 meeting.

The intersection of Smart Home and IoT within the framework of a Multi-Service Broadband Network offers a rich landscape for exploration and discussion. The Broadband Forum is seeking speakers who can shed light on various aspects of this theme, such as:

Service Provision and Assurance

  • Different ways to provision Smart Home and IoT services within a multi-service broadband network.

  • Strategies for maintaining service quality and reliability in a diverse ecosystem of connected devices.

CSPs/NetOps Revenue Opportunities vs Service Accountability:

  • Opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Network Operators (NOs) within the Smart Home and IoT domain.

  • Balancing revenue generation with ensuring accountability for service delivery and performance.

Privacy and Security

  • Addressing privacy concerns and ensuring robust security measures in Smart Home and IoT deployments.

  • Strategies for safeguarding user data and preventing unauthorized access to connected devices.

AI Applications with On-Prem to Cloud Interaction

  • Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced Smart Home and IoT functionalities.

  • Exploring the interaction between on-premises AI processing and cloud-based AI services within the broadband network.

IoT Devices Proliferation and Energy Management

  • Managing the energy consumption of an ever-increasing proliferation of IoT devices within the Smart Home and Smart City ecosystem.

  • Strategies for optimizing energy usage and promoting energy efficiency in IoT deployments.

Federation of Smart Home Applications with Smart City Projects

  • Exploring synergies between Smart Home applications and broader Smart City initiatives.

  • Opportunities for collaboration and integration between Smart Home and Smart City projects to create more efficient and sustainable urban environments.

We invite speakers who can provide insights, expertise, and innovative solutions within these areas, contributing to a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of Smart Home and IoT within the context of Multi-Service Broadband Networks

Learn more on how to submit a proposal here.

Monday, June 17th  - Starting @ 08:30 Local Time (tentative subject to update)

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