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Open Broadband (OB) is a set of independent projects that use a modified IPR Policy and possibly a different software license (which means they have their own participant agreement). An OB project may also allow membership by companies or individuals who are not currently BBF members.

Go to: Open Broadband Overview

Current work includes:

Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA)

The Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction (OB-BAA) is an open source project that specifies the Northbound Interfaces (NBI), Core Components and Southbound Adapter Interfaces (SAI) for functions associated with the access network devices (e.g., configuration, reporting, alarms) that have been virtualized. Inherent in the OB-BAA project is the ability to pull differing access device types, including legacy implementations, together under a single network and service management &control umbrella to be exposed to management elements such as the SDN Management and/or Control and Element Management Systems.

Wiki space: Open Broadband-Broadband Access Abstraction Project Home

Project lead: Tim Carey (contact Tim for more info)

Project participant agreement: Contribution License Agreement (CLA)/Project Participation Agreement

Open Broadband-Multi Access Point (OB-MAP)

The Open Broadband-Multi Access Point (OB-MAP) project includes generating requirements for features that extend and enhance the Wi-Fi Alliance EasyMesh and Data Elements specifications for use in a service provider managed subscriber local network. The current BBF 1905.1a open source stack may also be extended to support some of these new features.

Wiki space: OBMAP Home

Project leads: Barbara Stark, Marcos Martinez, Wojtek Makowski (contact Barbara for more info, unless you would prefer to contact Marcos or Wojtek)

Project participant agreement: OBMAP IPR Information

Open Broadband-Starfish

The Open Broadband-Starfish project is intended to create a common provider interface and object schema for "user-managed objects" that is implementable on both legacy WAN devices and NFV devices. 

Wiki space: Open Broadband Starfish Project Home

Project leads: Michael BugenhagenRon Insler

Project participant agreement: BBF RAND PA - UMOF - final draft.pdf

Open Broadband-User Services Platform-Agent (OB-USP-Agent)

Open Broadband-User Services Platform-Agent (OB-USP-Agent) is an open source project that is focused on creating a reference implementation of the User Services Platform (USP) specification from an "Agent" perspective. USP is a remote management and control protocol where management entities are separated between the Agent and the Controller.  A USP Agent is responsible for exposing a set of "Service Elements" (essentially, a data model composed of objects and parameters that represent a specific set of functionality) for consumption by a Controller.  While USP is capable of being used in many different environments, the home network is expected to be the most common environment, and in this environment a USP Agent would reside in a piece of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), e.g. broadband home router, Wi-Fi access point, IoT gateway.

Wiki space: Open Broadband-User Services Platform-Agent Project Home

Project lead: John Blackford

Project participant agreement: Project Participation Form


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