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Active Broadband Forum projects are progressed by the following Work Areas (WAs) and initiatives: 

Access and Transport Architecture (ATA) Work Area: Defines and specifies the architecture and requirements for access, routing and transport network infrastructure. Read more

Broadband Innovation Group (BIG) initiative: An open environment to expose, discuss, stretch, and socialize ideas that could be qualified, at first, as out-of-the-box, innovative, or embryonic. Read more.

Broadband User Services (BUS) Work Area: Provides the broadband industry with technical specifications, implementation guides, reference implementations, test plans, and marketing white papers for the deployment, management, and consumption of services by the broadband end user. Read more.

Common YANG Work Area: Specifies YANG modules, NETCONF/YANG test plans, and certification for the defined YANG modules, and maintains Broadband Forum's YANG Best Current Practices. Read more.

Fiber Access Networks (FAN) Work Area: Defines the requirements and data models for deploying Broadband Forum network architectures in fiber access technologies so as to accelerate deployments and ensure interoperability. Read more.

Physical Layer Transmission (PHYtx) Work Area: Provides test plans, technical documentation, and marketing papers to enable multi-vendor interoperability in deployments for both access and in-premises networks. Read more

SDN and NFV Work Area: Focuses on the introduction of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), including migration and coexistence of physical and virtual elements, into the broadband network. Read more.

Wireless-Wireline Convergence (WWC) Work Area: Addresses the increasing synergy between wireless access technologies and wired access technologies, as well as that of wireless networking and wireline networking functions. Read more.

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This page lists current active Broadband Forum projects. To view approved work, visit the Broadband Forum website.

For more information on Broadband Forum membership, please contact Rhonda Heier, the Broadband Forum Membership Development Manager or visit our Become a Member page.


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ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)MD-452.3Quality Experience Delivered (QED): Performance Measurement Architecture (webinar/presentation)ContributionsPeter Thompson (Predictable Network Solutions)
ATAAccess ArchitectureMD-459.4CUPS for a disaggregated BNG: Objective and ScopeContributionsTBA
ATAMobile Transport and Routing (MT&R) 


5G "What's fixed got to do with it?" Transport TutorialContributionsDavid Sinicrope (Ericsson)
ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)WT-390.2 Amendment 1Quality Attenuation Measurement from IP Edge to Customer Equipment using STAMPContributionsGreg Mirsky (Ericsson)
ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)WT-452.3Quality Attenuation Conformance TestingContributionsPeter Thompson (Predictable Network Solutions)
ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)WT-452.4QED Measurement FormatsContributionsBjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos)
ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)WT-452.5Quality Attenuation Measurements Using L2 PM OAMContributions

Fabrizio Guidotti (Outsys)

Fabio Giudici (Outsys)

ATAAccess ArchitectureWT-459 Issue 2Multi-Service Disaggregated BNG with CUPS. Reference Architecture, Deployment Models, interface, and Protocol Specifications Contributions

Kenneth Wan (Nokia)

Nagaraj Turaiyur (Juniper)

ATAAccess ArchitectureWT-459 Issue 3Control and User Plane Separation for a Disaggregated BNGContributions

Call for Editors - contact the ATA Work Area Directors or by 28 March 2023.

ATAAccess ArchitectureTR-459.2(Issue 2 or Amendment 2 TBD)Multi-Service Disaggregated BNG with CUPS: Integrated Carrier Grade NAT function. Reference Architecture, Deployment Models, Interface, and Protocol SpecificationsContributions

Call for Editors - contact the ATA Work Area Directors or by 28 March 2023.

ATAAccess ArchitectureWT-474Subscriber Session SteeringContributions

Jonathan Newton (Vodafone)

ATAAccess ArchitectureWT-487DBNG for Wired AccessContributionsMengmeng Li (China Mobile)
ATAAccess ArchitectureWT-497Public Wi-Fi user authentication and data local forwarding technical requirementsContributions

Bo Gao (China Telecom)

Lei Zhou (H3C)

ATAPerformance, Experience, and Application Testing (PEAT)WT-499Broadband Service MetricsContributions

Ken Kerpez (DZS)

BUSSHAPSWT-124 Issue 8Functional Requirements for Broadband Residential Gateway Devices

Jira Project: DEVREQ


Jason Walls (QA Cafe)

BUSUser Services PlatformWT-369 Amendment 3User Services Platform (USP)

Jira Project: USP

Bitbucket: WT-369

Jason Walls (QA Cafe)
BUSSNIPSWT-434Performance Test of In-Premises Video Support Over WiFiContributions
BUSData ModelingWT-473YANG Translation for CWMP / USP Data Models

Jira Project:

Andrew Patka (Verizon)
BUSUser Services PlatformWT-479Framework for USP-Enabled DOCSIS Devices

Jira Project: USP4DOCSIS

John Blackford (CommScope)
BUSData ModelingWT-485YANG to CWMP / USP Data Model Translation

Jira Project: YANG2DM



Operator Managed Residential/SOHO Network Architecture and Requirements

ContributionsAleksandra Kozarev (MaxLinear)
BUSSHAPSWT-492Software Based Architecture Smart Gateway Design PrinciplesContributions
BUSSmart HomeTBDOperator-Grade Smart Home



Jason Walls (QA Cafe)
BUS / PHYtxSNIPSWT-398 Issue 3Wi-Fi Residential & SOHO Performance Testing

Jira Project: 


Martin Casey (Calix)
BUS / PHYtxWi-Fi In-PremisesMD-410Analysis and Requirements for Video Support In-PremisesContributions

Evan Sun (Huawei)

Hai Ding (China Unicom)

Common YANG

YANG Modules


Persistent Management Agent Aggregator (PMAA) Management Model


Joey Boyd (ADTRAN)

Ken Kerpez (DZS)

Common YANG

YANG Modules

WT-460YANG Modules for Broadband Network GatewaysContributionsBruno Cornaglia (Vodafone)

Common YANG

YANG Modules

WT-496YANG Data Model for MoCA Access 2.5 InterfaceContributions

Helge Tiainen (Incoax)

Marcos Martinez (MaxLinear)

WT-142 Issue 5Framework for CWMP and USP enabled PON DevicesContributions
WT-156 Issue 5Using PON Access in the Context of TR-101Contributions
WT-167 Issue 4PON-fed TR-11 Ethernet Access NodeContributions
FANInteroperability and TestDTP-247 Issue 4 Corrigendum 1G-PON & XG-PON & XGS-PON ONU Conformance Abstract Test PlanContributionsVincent Buchoux (LAN)
FANInteroperability and TestDTP-255 Issue 2G-PON Interoperability Test PlanContributionsJustin Nelson (UNH IOL)

PON in the Context of TR-178

FANInteroperability and TestWT-309 Issue 3XG-PON and XGS-PON TC Layer Interoperability Test PlanContributionsFrank Van der Putten (Nokia)

Architecture and Technical Requirement for PON-Based Mobile Backhaul Networks

FANPON ManagementWT-385 Issue 2 Amendment 1ITU-T PON YANG ModulesContributions

Robert Peschi (Nokia)

Kevin Noll (Vecima)

FANPON ManagementWT-385 Issue 3ITU-T PON YANG ModulesContributions

FANInteroperability and TestWT-423 Issue 3PON PMD Layer Conformance Test PlanContributions

Hugh Singleton (BT)

FANPON ManagementWT-489Authentication of an ONU and selection of eOMCI or vOMCIContributionsRobert Peschi (Nokia)
FANG.HSP 50G-PONThe G.HSP 50G-PON Project Stream is linked to many projects and Working Texts. See the Contributions link or go to the Project Stream home page for more details.ContributionsProject Stream lead: Samuel Chen (Broadcom)
FAN25GS PONThe 25GS PON Project Stream is linked to many projects and Working Texts. See the Contributions link or go to the Project Stream home page for more details.
ContributionsProject Stream lead: Frank Van der Putten (Nokia)
PHYtxNon-PS AssignedWT-285 Issue 2 Amendment 1Broadband Copper Cable ModelsContributionsAndre Holley (TELUS Communications)

PHYtx and RPF Certification 

OD-335 Interop Plugfest Test Plan


Martin Casey (Calix)
Non-PS AssignedWT-301i3Architecture and Requirements for Fiber to the Distribution PointContributionsAleksandra Kozarev (MaxLinear)
PHYtxNon-PS AssignedWT-500MoCA Access Performance Test PlanContributions

Helge Tiainen (InCoax)

SDN and NFVCloudCOCloudCO-APPN-XXXAll CloudCO Application Notes Under Development

Application Notes (under development)

SDN and NFVCloud ComponentMD-466Metro Compute Networking (MCN)
Ruobin Zheng (Huawei)
SDN and NFVFixed Access Network Sharing (FANS)WT-370 - TBDFixed Access Network Sharing – Architecture and Nodal RequirementsContributions
SDN and NFVCloudCOWT-384 Issue 2Cloud Central Office Reference Architectural FrameworkContributions

Call for Editor(s)

Contact the SDN and NFV Work Area Directors or for more information.

SDN and NFVCloud ComponentWT-386 Issue 2Fixed Access Network Sharing - Access Network Sharing InterfacesContributions

Haomian Zheng (Huawei)

Jan Diestelmans (Nokia)

SDN and NFVCloudCOWT-411 Issue 2Definition of Interfaces between Cloud CO Functional ModulesContributions

SDN and NFVCloudCOWT-413 Issue 2SDN Management and Control Interfaces for CloudCO Network FunctionsContributions

Mauro Tilocca (Telecom Italia)

Haomian Zheng (Huawei)

SDN and NFVAutomated Intelligent ManagementWT-436 Issue 2Access & Home Network O&M Automation/IntelligenceContributions

SDN and NFVCloudCOWT-454 Issue 2YANG Modules for Access Network Map & Equipment InventoryContributions

SDN and NFVCloudCOWT-477Cloud CO Enhancement - Access Node Hardware DisaggregationContributions

Bruno Cornaglia (Vodafone)

Francisco de Carvalho (BT)

SDN and NFVAutomated Intelligent ManagementWT-486Interfaces for Automated Intelligent Management (AIM)Contributions

Jeff Hartley (CommScope)

Stefano Corona (Vodafone)

Ken Kerpez (DZS)

Antonio Marsico (Reply)

SDN and NFVCloud ComponentWT-491Metro Compute Networking Architecture, Functional Modules and Interface DefinitionsContributions

Ruobin Zheng (Huawei)

Call for co-Editor:

Contact the SDN and NFV Work Area Directors or for more information.

SDN and NFVNot AssignedWT-495Smart SD-WAN Architecture and Node RequirementsContributionsFeng Yang (China Mobile)
WWC5GWT-456 Issue 3AGF Functional RequirementsContributions

Christele Bouchat (Nokia)

Jonathan Newton (Vodafone)

WWC5GWT-457FMIF Functional RequirementsContributions

Mengmeng Li (China Mobile)

Donald Eastlake (Futurewei)

WWC5GWT-458CUPS for 5G FMCContributions

Kenneth Wan (Nokia)

Donald Eastlake (Futurewei)

WWC5GWT-470 Issue 3FMC Architectural OverviewContributions

Christele Bouchat (Nokia)

Manuel Paul (Deutsche Telekom)

WWC5GMD-464Migrating Fixed Access to 5GContributions
WWCIMS for 5G-RGWT-493IMS for 5G-RG ArchitectureContributions

Roland Schott (Deutsche Telekom)

Jörgen Axell (Ericsson) 

WWCIMS for 5G-RGWT-494IMS for 5G-Rg Residential Voice RequirementsContributions

Jörgen Axell (Ericsson) 

Roland Schott (Deutsche Telekom)

Open Broadband Projects

Open Broadband (OB) initiatives: Brings open source and open standards together, paving the way to dramatically change our industry and bring the full promise of broadband to fruition. Read more.

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Short Name

Project Title

Link to Wiki Space


Open Broadband - WWC Reference Implementation for 5G-RG

OB-5WWC Wiki


Open Broadband - Broadband Access Abstraction (BAA)

OB-MAPOpen Broadband -Multi Access Point (MAP) OB-MAP Wiki
OB-UDPSTOpen Broadband -UDP Speed TestOB-UDPST Wiki
OB-USP-AgentOpen Broadband - USP-AgentOB-USP-Agent Wiki